Happy Boo! Year - Boo! Forever

Here's another cool interview from my old Splashdown zine... this time with Sice and Rob of The Boo Radleys... I interviewed them at Avalon in Boston on October 24, 1992... they were on tour with their "Everything's Alright Forever" album...

Please tell me about the lost first album 'Ichabod and I' and why I can't find it...?
Sice: There was a chap outside of Liverpool who had 1000 pounds and asked if we wanted to go out and make an album. We had only made about 7000 copies and then it was deleted, but now we've bought the masters off Action Records so there will probably be a re-releasd next year of something like that, when we get around to it.

Rob: It's the production really, we'd like to remaster it or something. We like the songs but it was recorded in a week, maybe even less, 3 or 4 days.

What's coming out after "Everything's Alright Forever"?
Sice: There is going to be a compilation of all the Rough Trade singles and two Peel Sessions songs; we covered "Alone Again Or" by Love, and "True Faith" by New Order.

Will it include your cover of Bob Dylan's "Sooner or Later (One of Us Must Know)"?
No, that will just be on that "Outlaw Blues" compilation.

What is it like being on Creation Records?
Sice: Its so easy, we don't get any hassle whatsoever. You can just go in the studio and record when you want. Rough Trade used to say things like "we can't afford to let you in the studio this week, maybe next week."

Are you friends with other Creation bands?
Sice: We're pretty close with Swervedriver - we've met Ride a couple of times - We were friends with Teenage Fanclub early on but they've moved on to bigger things. The only band that doesn't really hang out with the others is Primal Scream. All of their friends are people who work at Creation, they're all old friends. Most of the bands know each other but don't particularly hang out - but if they're at a gig they'll drop together. We recently went to a party and Colm (MBV) was there - he's a bad drinker and he's indecipherable when he's drunk - I couldn't understand a word he was saying.

What do you think of the term "The Scene That Celebrates Itself"?
Sice: A lot of that was celebration because the journalists themselves weren't included in it so the bands were like 'we'll play to each other'. The journalists had stopped being so important so they thought 'fucking hell, we gotta do something about this!'

How do you feel about the Boos and many bands just being compared to MBV?
Sice: Its really not worth it because none of them can get that sort of sound that MBV does - they try, but... we tried at first, we don't deny it - "Sweet Salad Birth" was sort of like that, there was nothing like that before so we were like 'Wow!' but since then we've discovered ourselves and we haven't tried to be like anyone else for a long time. The last song like that was "Song for Up" which was sort of our Dinosaur Jr tribute.

How was touring with the Pale Saints?
Rob: It had its ups and down, really. We didn't really get on too well with a couple of the members of the band. Personally I didn't have much to do with Masters and Chris. Meriel was fine and Graham was as well. We kept blowing them off the stage - they weren't very happy about that.

Any new bands you like?
Sice: Not many... Pavement... Swervedriver are still pretty good. I think that first Suede single 'The Drowners' is rubbish.

Why is 'Lazy Day' your first US single when its just 1.5 minutes long?
Sice: Alan McGee chose it - I think part of the reason is its a pretty immediate pop song.

How did "Sunfly" come about?
Sice: With 'Sunfly' we were liking a lot of techno stuff coming out at the time so we thought we'd give that a go - the one you get as a free 7" with 'Everything's Alright Forever' is pretty lame - it was recorded live and with the second version we sampled the first.

What are the lyrics to 'Aldous'?
Sice: I really don't remember, I think its, "Show me your finest trip tomorrow" - its great to meet people like you who have the old EPs because many reporters here in the US just say, 'OK, who are you?' - it gets to be a pain in the arse.